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Briken is a Kenyan development company formed by Peter Njeru and Hand in Hand Group. Briken works with local Christians Ministries who have prime land in Nairobi to facilitate maximising the value of the land. Briken are the Development manager and mobilise investment. The end result provides first class office facilities for the land owner and inflation proof rental income for the future.

Briken establish apprenticeships in each development to provide onsite training as part of their commitment to the aims of the company.



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Hand in Hand partner Seremala as there are multiple synergies between the two companies; aiming ultimately to create fairer paid employment and practical apprenticeships in the construction industry in Kenya. Our aim is to create a quality product, whilst providing practical training and fairly rewarding those that create the value


Fusion Capital

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'Rooted in African Growth story', Fusion capital were one of HiH's first institutional investors, believing in our vision and supporting HiHG to achieve their goals. Fusion have current active investments in HiHG and their door is always open to discuss new opportunities.


Truestone Impact Investment Management

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'Connecting the world of much with the world of little'. Truestone recognising the opportunity to partner Ministry land owners to enhance their assets whilst creating apprenticeships and fair paid employment, invested in HiHGs first city development.


Wellers Impact

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Committed to Impact investing in Kenya, structuring finance to give a 'hand up' rather than a 'hand out'. Recognising the significant land asset owned by Christian ministries in Nairobi, but un able to maximise those assets due to lack of access to finance. Wellers Impact share the vision to facilitate Ministry land owners to self-sustainability.


Riva Petroleum

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Riva Petroleum was established in June 1996 by Engineer Peter Njeru. From its humble beginnings as a reseller, the company has developed into a widely-recognized brand with an established brand name and a respected company by the Government, Suppliers, Oil industry players, service providers, and customers. The partnership between Hand in Hand Group and Peter Njeru has resulted in our relationship with Riva.


Hand in Hand Charity

 Hand in Hand Charity

Founded by Dave Garlic, Pete Davison and Grant Smith in 1998. Sharing very similar goals, ethics and purpose it is the aim of HiHG to significantly contribute to the activities of the charity.

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