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Hand in Hand Group has worked in Kenya for 20 years, responding to poverty through commercial business. During this time, HiHG have developed strong partnerships with both construction professionals and landowners.

We bring together investors and landowners all of which are Not for Profit organisations, to maximise their assets and therefore impact. We create fairer employment, facilitate construction apprentices and generate rental income to the organisation to sustain their vision.

partnerships Partner

To us, partnerships are at the core of what we do. We have spent 20 years building and developing strong relationships in the countries we are investing in. This partnering with well-run, ethical businesses and non-profit organisations has the potential to radically transform their futures and those of the communities they serve .

 Investment Facilitation Investment Facilitation

The projects we procure are ultimately about helping solve a social problem. Whilst doing this we get the chance to provide opportunities to investors. We work with investment consultants to offer exciting, ethical and fair investments for both the investor and the project partner. The investor therefore has the chance to make THE difference, helping maximise the assets in a way that the local banks cannot do .

Construct Opportunities Construct Opportunities

As part of our commitment to seeing long-term sustainable solutions we commit on each project to raising a minimum number of apprentices who are exposed to various opportunities in construction. We are in relationship with several colleges and universities so that we can follow up on the progress of these apprentices and hope to see their time interning with HiHG as the stepping stone into their securing future opportunities .

 Create a new culture   Create a new culture

We are working to create a new culture hoping, that as we emboss these principles into HiHG the market will be forced to follow. We are trying to introduce new market norms such as paying fair wages, rewarding efficiency and ensuring diligence in our health and safety on site .

 Maximise Assets Maximise Assets

Our land partners own prime real estate and often their facilitates need improving, but they don’t have access to funds to maintain their missions or to finance the development. By treating the land value as the mission's investment in the development, they own an equity share of the finished construction. Our partnership allows us to provide access to capital, manage the development and see their assets maximised .

     Corporate Responsibility  Corporate Responsibility

HiHG desire to see sustainable business that contributes to the economy. Our 40-40-20 model demonstrates our understanding and commitment to corporate responsibility . We are committed to putting 40% of our profits into charitable organisations, 40% of our profits reinvested into social impact in the country we are developing in and 20% returned back to our shareholders.

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