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Commercial Response to Poverty

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Hand in Hand Group is committed to seeing sustainable transformation to both individuals and societies. Whilst delivering market leading construction projects for our clients we innovatively challenge locally accepted business norms by implementing ethical practice and establishing fair and safe working environments. Our team are professionally and personally dedicated to creating a commercial response to poverty.


To us, partnerships are at the core of what we do. We have spent 20 years building and developing strong relationships in the countries...

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The projects we procure are fundamentally about helping solve a social problem. Whilst doing this we get the chance to provide innovative...

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As part of our commitment to seeing long-term sustainable solutions we commit on each project to raising a minimum number of apprentices who are...

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Create A New

We are working to create a new culture hoping, that as we emboss these principles into HiHG the market will be forced to follow. We are trying ...

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Our land partners own prime real estate and often their facilitates need improving, but they don’t have access to funds to maintain their missions...

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HiHG desire to see sustainable business that contributes to the economy. Our 40-40-20 model demonstrates our understanding and commitment ...

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The story

CMS-Africa occupied 0.6 of an acre in a prime area of Nairobi. The land had been gifted to CMS-Africa in 2008, from CMS-UK when the land was worth $23,000 USD. Due to the expansion of Nairobi and the boom in the economy the land was worth $17m USD. CMS-Africa already had a vision to build a 16-storey building, so we became the developer and missional partner, being attentive to the needs of the mission. Without fair partnership these organisation are at the mercy of the banks or less scrupulous developers who know the land owner has few choices.

The construction was finished on time and under budget.

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We have over 50 existing relationships with landowners that want us to partner with them to maximise their assets through development. These projects vary from $750,000 USD to $7m USD and have an influence and impact over all of society from primary schools and secondary schools, to churches and university development, from education and training on HIV Aids and protecting street children.

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Affordable Housing

The urban population of Kenya is growing at a rate of 4.2% per annum as 500,000 people migrate to urban areas annually. In order to accommodate this migration, Kenya needs to build 200,000 new 'affordable' units every year. However, the problem is worse than these statistics reveal, as there is already a shortfall of affordable housing in excess of two million units, the consequence of which is that 60% of urban residents live in slums. The need for affordable housing in Kenya is clear but there are few developers that are intentional about making quality homes available for low income groups. 

HiHG builds homes ranging from $10,000 to $30,000, giving the poorest access to good quality residence and a share in an asset through a tenant purchase scheme. HiHG is committed to paying fairly, creating apprenticeships and safe working environments throughout the duration of the projects. 

Nine million children are sponsored worldwide annually, yielding no financial return to the donor. However, what HiHG proposes is an investment in business; building affordable houses, whilst paying the construction workers properly who are then able to pay their own children’s school fees and the investor gets their money back with a financial return.

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As part of our responsibility we commit to finding apprentices for each project, those who may not otherwise have been given the opportunity to work on such a fair, safe site and be exposed to various levels of involvement on the construction site.

Quote marks "Working in Hand in Hand continues to be transformational for me; the high standards of professionalism are worth emulating, and the conducive environment within the company makes it easier for one to execute their duties diligently. Moreover, I am able to tap into opportunities that I believe go a long way into bettering my technical and professional skills with financial assistance from Hand in Hand Group making this possible." quote marks

Allan Kariuki, originally a management trainee now the Assistant Clark of Works

Meet The Team

Our team are professionally and personally dedicated to creating a commercial response to poverty.

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Grant Smith - CEO
Grant has spent over 20 years working in Africa. His knowledge of the economy, culture and his wealth of relationships benefits his role as CEO. Grant is a Quantity Surveyor and has practiced as a QS for 30 years.
Joy Makena - Bookkeeper
Joy's organisational skills and willingness to work outside her job description have proved to be valuable for the company. Makena also has an interest in the charitable side of Hand in Hand and has visited the Foundadtion partners. 
Charity Pancaldi - Social Impact Developer
With a history of working in the legal sector Charity's priority is to see career opportunities created for those who generally are denied. Charity manages the apprenticeships and liaises on the social impact benefits created through the company.
Yassin Hussein - Construction Manager Yassin is a Construction Manager in profession with a passion in undertaking property development projects that create an impact in people's lives. He has worked in various roles and is looking forward to exploiting opportunities to positively affect people's lives.

Sam Smith - Finance Manager
Sam studied accounts at Daystar University and has lived in Kenya for six years. Studying at Daystar helped Sam not only learn accounts but also to understand the culture and local language. 

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